The all new Robo Turtle by ZURU is the ultimate realistic robo pet! From land to sea and everything inbetween these tropical turtles come to life with epic robotic technology. Drop your turtle into water to watch it come to life, or leave it on land to watch it crawl in the sun! You won’t believe your eyes at the ultra-realistic robo technology. Take your Robo Turtle for a swim in the pool or place it in a water jug to prank your family! There are 4 colorful Robo Turtles to choose from (All sold separately), collect them all to complete your Robo Aquarium! These Robo Turtles are more than alive- they’re Robo Alive!

Product Highlights

  • Age: 3 years and over
  • Item no: 04377
  • Approx packaging dimensions : 9 x 9 x 7 cm
  • ZURU Robo Turtle: Drop your Robo Turtle in water and watch it come to life with ZURU’s advanced water activated technology!
  • Walk and Swim: These Robo Turtles can take on land and sea for the ultimate Robo adventures!
  • Swim in 5 Directions: Robo Turtles can swim in 5 different direction.
  • 4 to Collect: There are 4 different colored Robo Turtles to collect to complete your Robo Aquarium! (Colour chosen at random during point of sale)

Product Details

  • Batteries Required : No


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