A fantastic ride for every toddler! Cozy Coupe is a unique vehicle that can become a friend of every child. Our little policeman can catch thieves by driving a police car. The car has a funny smiley face and elements of a real police vehicle, which stimulates creative fun, conversation and telling stories.

The car can be set in motion using the child’s legs (in which case the foot stand must be removed), or pushed like a stroller by an adult. Thanks to this solution, smaller children can also use the car. The car is equipped with a steering wheel with a horn, movable, clicking the ignition, an opening fuel filler flap, the driver’s door can be locked, and drink seats are fitted behind the seat. The front wheels rotate 360 degrees. With such a car, every walk can be a wonderful experience.

Product Details

  • Ages 18 months to 5 years
  • Batteries Required : No


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