Play-Doh is a cake,  a soft plastic mass, thanks to which all children can conjure up whatever they dream of! Everyone will find something for themselves: there are cars and houses, pets and figurines people and many other accessories that will make the fun of Play-Doh never boring! So many ideas are hidden in a small plastic box! Play-Doh has been the number 1 creative toy in the world for over 40 years. It develops children’s imagination, creativity and dexterity. A wonderful set of 20 colorful complementary tubes will certainly diversify the fun of Play-doh cake. The tubes were placed in a bus-shaped package with the motif of characteristic Play-doh figures. The handle allows you to conveniently carry the set.


Product Highlights

  • plastic mass
  • high quality of manufacturing
  • curry of colors encourages to play.
  • does not stick to hands.
  • does not soil clothes.
  • develops children’s creativity and imagination.
  • number of tubes in the set: 24
  • weight of one tube: 84 g
  • 1 tube contains 53 grams of Play-box dough.

Product Details

  • Batteries Required : No


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