Show off your “correct” opinions on ridiculous topics and prove you’re the true Genius with this fun party game! When faced with a question like “How many spoons make a respectable spoon collection?”, the only answer that matters is the Genius’. All the other players try and guess what the current Genius would answer by using the whiteboards to share their answers. The closest guess to the Genius’ answer wins the point! Don’t worry—everyone gets a chance to be the Genius! In this card game for teens and adults, where your answer is THE answer, it’s all about what you have in mind! For 3 or more players, ages 14 and up. Includes 300 Cards, Dry Erase Board, Dry Erase Marker, 50-Sheet Response Pad, and Instructions.

Product Highlights

  • Unleash your inner genius: Dive into the fun of Okay, Genius…, family-friendly fun games that challenges you to uncover the genius’ answer during each turn, adding an exciting twist to every round.
  • Hilarious and absurd questions: Engage in lively debates with absurd questions that spark laughter and creativity. Form opinions about topics like “The perfect number of clowns in a clown car?” or “How many pairs of underpants are ideal?”
  • Fun party games essential: Okay, Genius… is the ultimate fun games for adults, designed for 3 or more players 
  • Elevate gatherings, whether it’s a college dorm hangout, happy hour, or any fun occasion.
  • Break the ice: Explore the quirks of your fellow players as you delve into their opinions on offbeat topics. With the genius holding the ultimate answer, conversations flow with humor and camaraderie in these fun family games.
  • Everything you need: Unbox the entertainment with 300 captivating questions on 300 cards. This game includes an extra-special dry erase board and marker for the genius of each round, 50 response sheets for players and comprehensive instructions for seamless gameplay.
  • Age recommended: 14 years and up

Product Details

  • Batteries Required : No


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