The Neon Combo Skates 2N1 are the best choice for those who have a passion for adventure. The Quad mode brings more stability for those who needs to gain confidence, while the Inline mode can be set up for those who wants to go faster. The boots feature adjustable sizing for growing feet. The best of both worlds in one product, for hours of fun and bright LED wheels! Fits true to children’s US shoe size. Small adjusts from size 12 to 2 and Medium adjusts from size 3 to 6. Female.
One Size : Fits Sizes 34-37


Product Highlights

  • Two skates in one – The traditional quad wheel setup has two wheels in the front and two in the back – perfect for beginners. The inline setup has all 4 wheels in a row. This setup is better for speed and is suitable for beginner to novice skaters
  • Adjustable sizing – with the button allows the adjustment of the skate’s size. Move the toe cap back and forth in the boot to increase or decrease the size according to the skater’s foot.
  • PU Wheels – Polyurethane has better longevity and provides benefits such as noise reduction, shock absorption, and floor protection
  • Quick bolt release system – to allow to switch
  • LED wheels – The wheels of both Inline and Quads light up when you move with no batteries required.
  • Buckles – Adjust the tightness of the boot against the foot. Should be snug but not too tight.
  • Comfy Liner – The inner boot liner provides comfort and support for the skater during use
  • Heel Brake (Inline) – The brake attached to the heel allows the skater to stop by lifting their toes, forcing the brake onto the ground. It is the easiest way to stop.
  • Toe Stop (Quad) – The toe stop is attached to the front of the boot, allowing the skater to stop by lifting their heel, forcing the toe to stop onto the ground.
  • One Size : Fits Sizes 34-37

Size Chart

  • US size:  3 – 6
  • EU size: 34 – 37
  • UK size 2.5 -5.5
  • cm 22 – 24



Product Details

  • Batteries Required : No


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