The toy design comes from the scenes of “My Little Pony: My Little Pony Equestria” Youtube animation series Horse Bay (Qingqing), Rein Forest (Izzy), and Breeze Heights (Pipo) and other scenes
You can collect all the scenes and play with friends
The scene accessories and pony figures can be inserted into the scene carrying box to create an exclusive pony mini world, some accessories can be put into water and will change color


  • Hand luggage
  • 2 1″ ponies
  • Scene plugin
  • Over 40 accessories

Product Highlights

  • Build a world of magical mini-friends from across Equestria! My Little Pony Mini World Magic sets consist of tiny scenes and adorable characters inspired by the My Little Pony: Tell Your Tale series.
  • This Compact Creation set comes with 2 adorable figures that are 1 inch tall: Sunny Starscout and Choco Cozy! Comes with over 40 pieces for customizing a scene in Maretime Bay.
  • Build the world with fences and stairs, set up Sunny’s smoothie cart, and hang cloth flags. Plug accessories and scene-building pieces into the playset to create a mini world, then use the included sticker sheet to customize the scene.
  • ¬†Includes: Hand luggage, 2 1″ ponies, Scene plugin, Over 40 accessories

Product Details

  • Batteries Required : No


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