Create 3 Floaty Pens and be mesmerized as the glitter, charms, and icons float around in the pen. Includes a funnel, 3 pen bodies, caps, glitter, and shaped icons — enough to fill each pen more than once! Stand them up in the play tray for a mess free, sturdy way to load the contents and seal them up. Water not included. Simple instructions guide assembly. Follow along to learn how to make three unique pen styles, or experiment and design your own. Add some excitement to tweens’ homework routine with this rewarding DIY craft. Enjoy writing and doodling in floaty style with each precious pen!

Product Highlights

  • DIY FLOATY PENS. Create 3 pens and enjoy watching the glitter, charms, and icons float around the pens while writing and doodling! Feel mesmerized by each unique creation.
  • MESS-FREE FUN. Follow the simple instructions to create each pen and use the funnel to prevent mess while adding materials. Secure caps prevent leaking and ensure all materials stay in the pen.
  • FOLLOW INSPO OR CUSTOMIZE. Instructions include recipes for three themed pens: Lovely Hearts, Flower Power, Glittery Party. Tweens can follow along or customize their creations on their own!
  • PERFECT FOR AGE 8+. Whether it’s a birthday bash, playdate or slumber party, this DIY activity offers up the perfect playtime activity for tweens ages 8 and up to explore their fun, creative sides.
  • GREAT GIFT IDEA. Make It Real’s developmental toys make great gifts for children and tweens, helping them to develop skills that will allow them to succeed as the future leaders and makers of tomorrow.

Product Details

  • Batteries Required : No


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