Promoting children’s artistic development through painting, painting, writing and storytelling.The small genius blackboard of Sandus is designed to be a two-sided chalkboard and a white board. This upgraded design will provide many options for creativity and also allow two emerging artists to create their masterpieces at the same time. Fun and educational!The two sides are magnetic, great for all kinds of drawing and coloring activities. As you get some Exquisite artistic accessories including magnetic letters, numbers and crayons, The little genius’s blackboard features a wooden stand with a rack that provides young children with easy access to chalk, selection pens or anything,Whiteboard: You can use our scannable pen to write, and don’t use a pen other thanScannable to write, to avoid not being able to wipe it.Made of sustainable solid pine wood, this stand is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. So, it’s safe.

Very for children to use. You don’t have to worry about your children’s health.

Blackboard size 90 cm 55 cm

Product Details

  • Type : Indoor
  • Gender : Girls Boys
  • Batteries Required : No


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