Little Bow Pets are the best friend for your child that comes with amazing and adorable surprises. They are irresistible with their assorted colorful patterns, sparkly bows and big round sparkly eyes.

Discover small gifts hidden within the bows, one on each side of the central knot. Open the bow and discover fun toys and accessories to comb your pet’s hair. One feature not often found in many stuffed animals is the long locks of all Little Bow Pets.


Product Highlights

  • MIX AND MATCH: Each pet has a unique color pattern and unique items found in its bows. Mix and match bows and items with different pets for all types of fun!
  • HEART BOW PET: This super cute puppy has a fluffy blue coat with a heart design on its face and bright blue sparkly eyes. They also come with a purple and blue strand of hair with a purple faux sequin bow on top.
  • LITTLE BOWS, BIG SURPRISE: Each pet comes with a colorful bow that has 2 accessories hidden inside them; perfect for collecting!
  • LUSCIOUS LOCKS: Little Bow Pets all come with their own unique strand of hair and accessories to style their hair! Brush, braid, and style; the possibilities are endless!
  • PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: Comes with (1) 9” height pet and comes with a removable bow with unique accessories inside.

Product Details

  • Batteries Required : No


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