What skills can your child develop while playing with blocks?

Physical development senses – stimulate the child’s curiosity and encourage him to discover things around him. Toys that stimulate the senses are extremely important in the early stages of a child’s development small motility – develops precise and controlled movements, along with facial expressions, eye-hand coordination and proper articulation of expressions large motility – these are the movements of larger muscles responsible for the work of the arms, legs, feet or the whole body. Toys encourage your child to kick, crawl, run or jump Cognitive development logical skills – allow children to combine scraps of information. Toys, such as puzzles or blocks, can enhance children’s intelligence, stacking, concentration, argumentation, and problem solving. Social development communication – communication skills help the child to perform tasks that require cooperation and facilitate group work self-esteem – is a complex of achievements that a child receives from people important to him, in particular, from parents and peers. When a child can complete the task that the toy puts before him, he is satisfied with himself. This helps him build stronger self-esteem and better self-esteem.


Product Highlights

  • support the development of many skills
  • super colorful
  • soft material that helps to capture the blocks
  • pleasant to the touch
  • easily connect with each other
  • they are handy – the child can easily rotate them in the handles
  • perfect for a gift
  • Soft block game for babies and toddlers.
  • There are a total of 8 cubes, 4 triangles and 2 cylinders for stacking.
  • A variety of pictures on the cubes enable kids to learn consequences, counting and matching.
  • A puzzle provides good practice in eye-hand coordination and logical thinking.

Product Details

  • Batteries Required : No


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