K’s Kids is an award winning educational preschool toy brand known world over for its quality and innovation. This brightly coloured and cute Wayne rattles and squeaks, which activates all the senses, this in turn helps develop the child’s sensory, fine motor, gross motor and emotional skills. The child’s auditory senses will get stimulated with the rattling and squeaking sound of this toy. at the same time, he will be highly amused and entertained by the whimsical sounds.

Product Highlights

  • More than a shape sorter, the K’s Kids Patrick Shapes-a-Boo Shape Sorter is an on-the-go fun activity center
  • Using nine plastic shapes and the padded carrying case, children can lift crinkly flaps, identify the pictures, match the shapes, and drop the textured blocks through the sorter. Then they can pull the plush dog around the edge to unzip the case and start the fun again!
  • Crinkly flaps have pictures of familiar things above, matching shapes beneath
  • Easy-to-grasp padded handle makes it easy to carry the whole set from place to place–even for crawlers, scooters, and emerging walkers.
  • Includes padded case with 2 activity sides and a take-along handle, plus 9 shaped, textured blocks in 9 colors
  • Great for these skills: sensory, fine motor, gross motor, logical, creative, linguistic, emotional, communication, self-esteem
  • Measures 23 x 27 x 8.5 cm

Product Details

  • Batteries Required : No


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