Remember the fun you had with Greedy Granny, trying to grab her biscuits without waking her up? Well Granny’s back and she’s showing no signs of letting go. In Greedy Granny In a Spin, you’ll set her beady, greedy eyes spinning with a push of the hunger plunger. Round and round they go… who knows what they’ll look like when they stop? When they do, the race is on to find the card with the eyes showing on Granny’s face. First to spot the pair that match collects the number of cookies shown on the dial. Play until all the cards are done, or until the biscuits are all gone! The player with the biggest collection of cookies wins the game! It’s fast, it’s frenzied and full of fun! When time comes to put Granny to bed, the set folds up neatly with its own storage compartment for all your cards and toy biscuits.

Product Highlights

  • GREEDY GRANNY IS UP TO HER TRICKS AGAIN – Inspired by TOMY’s successful Greedy Granny game, Greedy Granny In a Spin puts a new spin on the evergreen game of Snap.
  • BRIGHT COLOURFUL DESIGN – Kids play in rounds, pressing the hunger plunger to set Granny’s eyes spinning. When they stop at random, players race to find a matching card.
  • ACTION AND DISTRACTION – Cards look similar at first glance, but every card is different and all the players are free to reach for the card they think is the matching one.
  • DEVELOPS OBSERVATION AND REFLEXES – Each round produces its own surprises, with children having to look carefully at the contrasting designs and act fast to match the patterns.
  • REWARDING PLAY – First player to match the card to Granny’s face is rewarded with a different number of toy cookies which helps encourage counting. The player with the most cookies wins.
  • PRACTICAL FOR TRAVEL AND PLAY ON THE GO – The unit folds up neatly to provide a handy storage compartment for keeping cards and cookies safe, perfect for taking the game on holiday.
  • For 2-4 players
  • Suitable age: 5 and over.
  • No batteries required.

Product Details

  • Batteries Required : No


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