An interesting multifunctional toy for your baby.  are connected in one toy : a finger maze, a Soter with holes in the form of numbers from 0 to 9, in the form of a cute baby elephant.

Roller labyrinth sorter “Elephant” is a multifunctional toy. It consists of a wooden platform on wheels. Its side walls depict an elephant, in place of the eyes there are spinning balls, there are slots in the walls themselves in the form of numbers from 0 to 9. Numbers of the appropriate size fit them. A lace is attached to the platform. Includes a finger labyrinth. On a wooden base there are paths with beads of different shapes and colors that can easily move along them.

The wheelchair labyrinth-sorter “Elephant” from Tm Woki will ensure the comprehensive development of your child. With it, you can develop and have fun. During the game, you can learn colors, sizes and shapes and develop fine motor skills of the hands. You can learn to count, develop memory and logic. And you can warm up by having fun running and leading a toy elephant on a string behind you.

Product Details

  • Type : Indoor
  • Gender : Boys
  • Batteries Required : No


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