Bounce ’em in for the win the connect 4 shots game is fast-paced, rapid-fire fun in a race to get 4 shots in a row count down to start: 1-2-3 bounce two players bounce the lightweight, colorful balls into the grid at the same time. Remember, the balls must hit the table before going in. Keep bouncing balls, trying to fill the holes in the grid vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. Once a player gets 4 in a row of their color they win the game then when the game is over, fold the grid into a handy storage case.


Product Highlights

Product Features

  • Classic Connect 4 game is disc-dropping fun
  • Choose yellow or red discs
  • When you get 4 discs in a row you win
  • Includes grid, 2 legs, slider bar, 21 red discs, 21 yellow discs and instruction
  • Item Weight : 476 g
  • Product Dimensions : 2.1 x 10.5 x 10.5 inches
  • Recommended Age:¬†Suitable for 6 years & above

Product Details

  • Batteries Required : No


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