Buki France Professional Studio Candles Refill, the ideal choice for crafting natural candles using soy wax. This refill package offers convenience and versatility, allowing you to melt the soy wax effortlessly in either the microwave or a bain-marie. Within this kit, you’ll find a generous 750g of high-quality soya wax, ensuring an ample supply for your candle-making endeavors. Accompanying the soy wax, you’ll discover a spool of cotton wick measuring 5 meters in length, guaranteeing a sufficient amount to create multiple candles. Additionally, this refill includes 8 crayons, providing you with a diverse color palette to add vibrant hues and artistic flair to your candles. To support the wick during the candle-making process, a sturdy cardboard wick support is also included, ensuring proper alignment and stability. With the Buki France Professional Studio Candles Refill, you have all the necessary components to effortlessly create stunning, natural candles that emanate a warm and inviting ambiance. Unleash your creativity and indulge in the art of candle-making with this comprehensive refill kit.

Product Highlights

  • Craft natural candles using soya wax
  • Melt wax in the microwave or bain-marie
  • Includes 750g of soya wax
  • 8 Crayons for colorful candle designs
  • Sturdy cardboard wick support included

Product Details

  • Batteries Required : No


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