Glide the puck effortlessly on a cushion of air.Made from quality wood making it a nice addition to your home.Individual manual scoreboards let each player keep track of goals scored.Features a new safe-lock corner system, allowing the table to snap together without the use of dangerous screws.Snap and Play corner system.It has smooth and fast action playing surface.Beautiful wood veneer finish and wooden cue sticks.20 inches playing surface and easy to store Snap ‘n Play is a new era in Game Tables.Recommended for 6 years and above Benefits:This game designed to improve your kid’s logic, reasoning, and creative skills.Helps younger children learn shape recognition. Easy to set up.Enhance your kids to improve problem-solving skills.Entertains and educates childrenEncourages their confidence Enhance creativeness and memory power. Easy to assemble and there are no screws or tools needed.

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  • Type : Indoor
  • Gender : Girls Boys
  • Batteries Required : No


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